Civil construction in the renewable energy sector is an important part of the global energy transition.
With the right investments and incentives, the construction of renewable energy infrastructure has the potential to revolutionise the way we generate and consume energy, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

With experience delivering the civil infrastructure to support renewable energy projects, our teams can perform a variety of tasks, including substation construction, detailed and bulk earthworks and more. Our committed teams, working above or below ground, will ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders involved, whilst completing the project to the satisfaction of our clients.

Renewable Energy 

As part of our Renewable Energy capabilities, below are some of the works we carried out:

checkCircle Substation Construction (132kV & 330kV)
checkCircle Concrete Works (FRP)
checkCircle Acoustic and Retaining Walls
checkCircle Drainage and Box Culverts
checkCircle Detailed and Bulk Earthworks
checkCircle Construction and Maintenance
checkCircle General Utilities

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