Project Commencement:
March 2023

Project Completion:
October 2023

Hutchinson Builders

ABI Civil  Contracting were engaged by Hutchinson Buliders to construct all of the civil components of the SYD054 Data Centre at Smeaton Grange, NSW. The civil works were inclusive of bulk earthworks, piling pad construction, stormwater installation, road construction, insitu road stabalisation, in-ground services infrastructure, in ground FRP, FRP to stair core and lift core main building foundations.
  • Supply and install of all stormwater drainage inclusive of drainage pits, pipes up to 750mm diameter and 4m deep, trench drains, dish drains and subsoils
  • Supply and install of all cable conduits from 32mm – 200mm diameter across the project inclusive of combined trenches containing up to 24 x conduits
  • Construction of piling pad for all building foundation piling
  • Detail excavation of all inground footings, lift cores, stair cores and ground beams
  • Form, reo and pouring of over 140 x footings, including 7 stair cores over 100m3 and 2 x lift cores circa 80m3 each
  • Lime stabilisation of the local road JRCP capping layer
  • Placvement of pavement materials to local road of data centre
  • Installation of stormfilter treatment tank and oil separator tank
  • Construction of a protection slab to 200lm of live fibre conduits 
Core Outcomes:
  • Successfully completing all scope in line with client project specifications and safe methods of work procedures whilst overcoming the following challenges:
  • Planning and executing minute by minute schedules for daily concrete pour in excess of 30m3
  • Identification and co-ordination of long lead time material procurement to meet client program 
  • Site congestion and heavy daily co-ordination with multiple contractors
  • Working around and between new foundations and services infrastructure



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